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    I’ve been thinking about the nature of vacuums lately, and I chuckled a little when I was watching the chick with the standy up hair (on the ISS) talk about where they could retreat to if they had a problem like a leak or a fire.
    ANY… leak in a vacuum would be catastrophic, i.e air rushes out faster than you can blink, tearing a bigger hole in the process, which speeds up the process further, i.e instant – you’re fucked.

    When do you think Neil Degrasse Tyson will reveal the magic force field that separates our atmosphere from the vacuum of space? Obviously this is a dual layered force field that lets rockets through an air-lock that doesn’t allow the vacuum of space to suck our whole atmosphere with everything else not nailed down into said vacuum of space? OR It’s gravity that stops this from happening.

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